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Sump Pump Services


Having a working and well maintain sump pump system is the best defense to prevent basement flooding. We service both older and newer sump pumps and will work with you to keep your sump working correctly. American Sewer can provide you with a number of options and services to keep your sump pump repairs or service affordable for you. Our friendly staff is available to provide you with friendly, affordable service. Basement flooding can be a major cost, so if you know your sump needs work, don’t hesitate – give us a call today!

Simple, regular sump pump maintenance is all you need to keep your house protected.


A sump pump system is a water pump that removes water from your basement. The sump pump is attached to a sump put which is usually located at a low point in your basement, where water tends to collect naturally. The pump is designed to cycle on and off as the basket fills with water and triggers a float that causes the pump to start. This cycle can be effective as long as the pump, basket, float, and pipes are all in working order.


Many sump repair companies will work with you to clean or replace a pump, but American Sewer goes the extra mile to make sure we absolutely can not clean or repair a sump pit or pump before we recommend a new one.

Sometimes sump pumps will run continuously because a pipe is blocked, and the homeowner does not know it. This clog can cause the pump to cycle the same water from the sump pit, out of the house and back into the soil where it drains back into the sump pit. This cycle can force your pump to work excessively and lead to bigger problems when it fails or when you get an extravagantly high electric bill in the rainy months.

Our water jetting service and camera inspections set us apart from the competition when it comes to sump pumps. We are able to visually inspect not only the basket but also the drain pipes and collection points to make sure everything is in working order. Iron ocher, also called iron algae, and other mineral deposits can build up and block the inflow or outflow of water. This leads to serious problems if it is not removed. Once we find this build up or a clog, we use water jets to reach deep into the system to remove clogs and flush out the entire sump pump system.

By investing in cleaning and maintaining your sump every year, you can prevent a major disaster. As the storm seasons approach, don’t forget these things as well:

  • Repair any cracks in the foundation of your home.
  • MAke sure your gutters are free of debris and drain far enough away from your home so that they don’t drain back into your basement.
  • Regularly check that your septic system is in working order.

To make sure your sump pump is in working order, be sure to test it before the next heavy rain comes. Testing is as simple as pouring a bucket of water into the sump pit and ensuring the pump turns on. You should see the water leaving the put and the pump turn off in just a few seconds. Be sure to check that the float and valve are moving freely.

To prolong the life of your pump, be sure to remove any visible dirt or debris that may cause a clog later on. Don’t forget to ensure that the discharge line is free from clogs and flowing out of your basement freely. If this is outside your ability, our team of maintenance professionals are available to help you with your sump pump maintenance and service.

Contact American Sewer today for more information about our services. Our friendly and professional team is ready to serve you and all of you sewer and sump needs.