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Residential Drain & Sewer Cleaning in Minneapolis

American Sewer provides cutting-edge drain cleaning and water jetting services in Minneapolis and the entire Twin Cities metro and beyond!


American Sewer has built a reputation as one of the best drain cleaning services in the twin cities area.

Not sure how to clean a shower drain, or have issues with your kitchen sink? Our professional technicians are trained in all aspects of drain cleaning. American Sewer delivers prompt and courteous service throughout the Minneapolis area. We pride ourselves on staying on top of new techniques and technologies and will bring effective and efficient service to your home. On top of that, our trucks are loaded with the best drain cleaning and water jetting in the industry!

As our customer, you will receive topnotch sewer care for any type of drain or sewer problem. Stopped-up toilets or drains, clogged sinks, leaking pipes – you name it. Our team brings the solution, along with helpful tips to help keep the issue from becoming a recurring problem.

Our team is ready, willing, and able to go through any plumbing disaster of care to keep the client’s home clean. From shoe coverings to using carpet runners, all of these precautionary steps are just a few of the many reasons American Sewer is considered the best drain repair service in Minneapolis.

If you’ve had bad service with other companies or a problem that just won’t go away, you’ve finally found the best. Our specialists will be there in no time to clean a shower drain, fix a leak, and ensure your sewer system is operative and back on track.

We all know that drain cleaning can be a pain. The professionals at American Sewer will take the time to complete the job thoroughly – we don’t blast through appointments. Our drain cleaning experts are scheduled to fix your problem completely, not rush through to get to the next customer. This is how we’ve built a reputation as the best drain cleaning service in Minneapolis.

Our step by step process that we take to clean your clogged drain:


  1. We use a blade the same diameter of the pipe to first try to clean it out.
    • If that size doesn’t work we’ll go down a size on the blade to get a hole started and then go back up to the original size afterward.
    • Using a blade with the same diameter of the pipe is important because we strive to get back the original usability the pipe first had. Our goal is to get water fully flowing through the pipe, not just a small hole.
    • If the blades don’t work we’ll use curved cables to try and get the clog out.
  2. If the blades and cables don’t work then we’ll move on to Water Jetting.
  3. If water jetting doesn’t work then we move up to a camera inspection or line locate to specifically pinpoint the problem area.
    • Based on what we discover we will recommend either a drain repair of the trouble area, re-do the entire line. Redoing the entire line is called pipe-lining.

Some of the most common causes of a clogged drain:

Hair and Dead Skin Cells

We all naturally shed hundreds of hair follicles when taking a shower. And when it comes to clogged drains, Hair is perhaps the guiltiest party. Even grosser, we shed millions of dead skin cells into the drain, every time we shower.

While some will flow through the pipes, issues arise as increasing numbers of these same hairs and dead skin cells stick to the walls of the drain pipes. With enough build up, drains experience water flow blockage or even complete stoppage.

A hair catcher in your drain can buy some time as a temporary solution, but the only real fix is a drain cleaning service. Almost all shower drains will experience a clog because of hair and dead skin cells at one point or another in their life cycle.


Items such as toothpaste caps, razor coverings, shampoo caps, and other small items that may drop are another common culprit of a clogged drain. It is important not to let these items fall into the drain.

Hard Water

Hard water deposits leave all sorts of minerals and microparticles on the walls of your shower drain pipe. Your drain can clog eventually if these small fragments are not removed on a regular basis. A water softening agent can help to avoid and offset the harm caused by hard water.

Soap Scum

Soap scum is another common cause of clogged shower drains. Soap scum leaves plenty of residue on the walls of pipes, furthering the likelihood of trapped hairs, skin cells, and other contaminants causing severe drain blockage.

This is an issue that you can take action on initially. Several containers of hot water with a few drops chlorine bleach poured down the drain every other week can serve as a solid remedy.

8 Ways to Unclog A Drain!

Need a quick fix for a clogged drain

These techniques, in no particular order, will help you handle simple drain clogs in your home or workplace.

1. Grab a bucket of boiling water and pour it down the drain.
2. Use a plunger.
3. Don’t like using chemicals? Baking soda and vinegar is a great all natural mix for pouring down the drain.
4. If you can see the cause of the clog, remove the drain top cover and extract the clog by hand.
5. Use a hook if you can’t reach the item with your hand.
6. A Toilet Jack, otherwise known as an “electric eel” is an excellent tool (for what?).
7. Use chemicals – get specific and put this in front of number 3 – makes more sense in context.
8. Our personal favorite – Call a Sewer Cleaner!

Each one of these remedies serves as a great way to familiarize yourself with simple maintenance processes for your shower drains and pipes. Of course, we always recommend that you use number 8!

If you’re in Minneapolis and experiencing any of these drain problems or emergencies, call us now: 612-246-4800

American Sewer is a reputable drain cleaning service in the Minneapolis area. Our company has been providing outstanding service for over a decade and have the reviews and ratings to prove it. American Sewer is proud to be recognized among the best drain cleaning services in Minneapolis. The Better Business Bureau and Angie’s List love us! We invite you to check out our ratings.