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When you have a sewer drain problem and your pipes need to be repaired, the last thing you want is big machinery tearing up and digging into your property. That’s why we recommend calling American Sewer and getting professional assistance in repairing your sewer lines. We offer trenchless sewer repair and are happy to answer any questions on how to repair and replace sewer drain lines.


If you are experiencing a commercial sewer problem the last thing you probably want is giant holes in your landscaping and weeks of construction to repair or replace a sewer line. American Sewer provides you with trenchless repairs that prevent big messes and get you back in action in no time. Instead of digging big trenches, we drill a few holes to get to your sewage system and locate the problem. This process allows us to see where the issues are without causing major damage to your landscaping. This method is also much faster and gets you back to 100% in a much short time.

• Repairs are usually limited to one day
• Less-intrusive techniques are more efficient than traditional methods
• Trenchless repair keeps your lawn and landscape more in tact
• Efficient services means more money saved

Call American Sewer today and see if trenchless sewer repairs are the right solution for your business.


Some sewer issues can be fixed relatively easily with the right plunger or a drain snake, but more complex problems may need extra assistance. What if your drain snake is stuck and you do not know how to remove it without damaging your plumbing? Maybe you’re wondering how often a professional sewer company should inspect your sewer system. We are more than just a sewer repair company. American Sewer provides many commercial drain and sewer services. We repair and clean everything from kitchen sinks and grease traps to toilets and showers. We provide maintenance and sewer cleaning and drain cleaning to keep your company or property running correctly. Contact us today and schedule an appointment to have one of our experts inspect your system and make sure everything is working correctly.