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We understand that many businesses operate, or have emergencies, outside of normal business hours. Our professionally trained sewer and drain technician are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week! We service whenever you call – whether early in the morning or late at night. Here is a selection of industries we specialize in:







As a full service commercial and residential sewer and drain company, we offer more than just plumbing services. As a commercial business, maintaining and taking care of your sewer system is important for your company, customers, and the city who manages your sewer connections. Drains and sewers that are not repaired and cleaned can lead to major issues.


Commercial sewer drain clogs and blockages are most commonly caused by from dirt, debris and mineral deposits. In restaurants and food processing facilities, grease and other organic matter will build up in the pipes and drain lines very easily. Uncertain of what to do when these blockages occur in your drains? If the clog is serious, call American Sewer. Our sewer drain and sewer line maintenance professionals can be there quickly and clear drains and sewer lines with our specialized and powerful equipment or by using high-pressure water jetting.

High-pressure water jetting uses a powerful machine that pumps high pressure water through the drain pipes and clears and breaks apart any clogs and debris causing the blockage. The clog can be caused by sediment build up, grease, tree roots, and other non organic matter that has built up in the pipes. Water jetting is the simplest, affordable, and most effective way to clean, unclog, and repair commercial sewer drains and sewer lines and keep them working properly.

Once a clog has been removed, a camera line inspection is a quick, easy, and accurate solution to determine the interior state of your drain pipes. This allows for visual inspection so that any sewer leaks, line breaks, or damages can be assessed and repaired.

Our sewer line experts will feed a small fiber optic cable with a high-resolution waterproof camera attached on the end. The attached light allows the plumber to see the interior of your pipes. The operator is able to watch a live display as the line is fed through the pipes.

If your sewer drain problems are more than a simple clog, an American Sewer professional can diagnose the problems provide you with sewer drain sewer repair or replace your drain and sewer lines if necessary. Depending on if your lines are bellied, punctured by tree roots, corroded or a number of other problems, American Sewer is available to offer commercial sewer and drain cleaning services.


American Sewer does more than just clean drains and sewers. As a full service sewer and drains company, we also can repair and replace sewer pipes and drains and fix a number of common problems.

Our commercial sewer line repair, commercial sewer line replacement and commercial sewer line installation services keep you sewers running by service a number of common problems:

• Pipes that are cracked, broken, collapsed or offset: Caused by freezing
temperatures, ground settling, rain water and shifting soil
• Blockage: When grease, debris, sediment build up in a pipe it can cause a blockage
• Corrosion: The sewer drain line has deteriorated over time and cracked or
collapsed, preventing the correct flow.
• Leaking joints: When seals between pipes break, it can cause for sewage to leak into
the area surrounding the pipes and lead to big problems should it get in groundwater
• Bellied pipe: If the ground settles or drops it causes a drop in the pipe that can lead
to collection of sediment and block a pipe.
• Roots in sewer line: Sometimes trees and shrub roots are attracted to the warmth
of sewer lines and will break through the pipe. This can prevent normal cleaning
and cause a clog.

Traditionally, Sewer lines have been repaired using a trenching method that removes the soil from the surface, down to the pipe location. Large machinery is required and it can cause for a big mess.

American Sewer is able to repair your pipes using our trenchless method. We are able to enter the pipe through a drain and replace broken and damaged pipes without having to bring in heavy machinery and tear up your property. Learn more about commercial trenchless sewer services here.