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Sump Pump Maintenance


Sump pumps can be a major benefit for your home when heavy rain comes, but they can also be a big problem when not working correctly. Sump pump maintenance is critical to ensure that your sump is in working order before the rains and water comes. Most homeowners simply assume that because their sump seems to be working, all is fine. Sump maintenance can address unseen problems that often do not arise until it’s too late. A clog or a worn out pump that is only operating at 50% is all it takes to realize you have a big problem on your hands.



The first step in maintaining a sump pump is testing it to ensure that it is in working order and turns on when necessary. Testing a sump pump is as simple as pouring a few gallons of water into the sump pit and making sure that the pump turns on. A working pump will remove water in a matter of a few minutes as you watch the water level drop. Don’t forget to check that the float and valve are moving freely and the pump turns off when the water has fully drained out. If the float is stuck, the pump may continue to operate, causing it to burn out quickly.


The next step to extend the life of your sump pump is to remove any visible dirt and debris from the sump pump basket. You can rinse it with water or use some gloves and a few towels to get things cleaned up. It is important that you check the sump drain line and ensure it is free of clogs and that water can exit freely.


Units that include a backup battery pack should be replaced every 2-3 years or as often as the manufacturer recommends.


At least once a year, disconnect and remove your sump pump from the pit. Using a hose, flush out the pump, removing any dirt and debris that may have built up. While the pump is removed, make sure to remove any debris or objects that are in the sump pit. Reinstall the pump and necessary power cables and perform a test by pouring water into the pump and ensuring everything is back in working order.

Sump pump maintenance is a critical part of your home maintenance that many people will overlook this year. If you aren’t sure where to get started or think there may be some work to be done, call us and schedule your sump maintenance today.</p.