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Residential Sewer Cleaning


It can be quite the inconvenience when a toilet, bathtub or drain clogs, but the problem significantly escalates when it is a sewer line. A Sewer clog affects every drain and pipe in your house, and if it gets bad enough, you may even have sewage backing up in your drains and into your home. Clearing a blocked sewer line takes specialized equipment and usually cannot be done on your own. That’s why calling a professional like American Sewer can be the wisest and most affordable solution.


Most homes have sewer lines that are at least 6 inches in diameter, leaving plenty of space. It generally takes a lot of build up and paper to clog a sewer line and is not all that popular. Most sewer clogs are the result of the incursion of tree roots into the pipes. Trees will grow roots along the sewer lines, attracted by the moisture and warmth that it creates in the soil. These roots create tiny roots that can fit into the pipes and once inside, the roots take full advantage of the nutrients. It does not take long for the roots to grow and build of debris and create an obstruction. Once a clog is started, the slowed water flow creates an ideal condition for a serious clog to build up quickly.


Once you have clogged sewer line, you can expect many, if not all of the drains in your home to drain slowly. Generally, you can hear a gurgling noise coming from the toilets when you flush them. A professional sewer company can look into possible causes for the slow draining — including blocked vents — and can even use a small camera to inspect the inside of the pipes and see what obstructions may be found. Optical sewer inspections can reveal roots and clogs along with possible cracks and breaks in the pipes.


Sewer cleaning professionals have plenty of tools at their disposal to get your sewer pipes clean. An auger, which is like a hand fed steel cable and blade, is a more powerful power assisted device. The auger is usually mounted on a truck and fed into the sewer line. A water jet is another excellent tool that uses 4,000 psi and can literally blow away the roots and obstructions from the pipes. If misused, both of these devices can be very dangerous and cause major problems for your sewer cleaning. Give American Sewer a call today and let out professionals take care of your sewer line cleaning and repair.