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Sump Pump Cleaning


Sump pumps are great for preventing flooding in your basement. Sump pump cleaning is an important task that can keep your pump working for many years to come. If you do not clean your sump pump regularly, you can end up with a big mess when the rain comes. Even if your sump seems to be working fine, yearly cleaning is recommended to keep it at peak performance. Sump cleaning helps address unseen problems and prevent a disaster. A American Sewer technician can instruct you on the best method to clean your pump with several different tools we use.


The first step in cleaning your sump pump is a visual inspection. Check the pump and pit for a build-up of iron ulcher deposits or other debris that may be present. Remove any visible dirt and debris from the sump pump basket. You might want to use some gloves for cleaning as it can be really messy. A hose or large bucket should be on hand to flush the sump pit. It is important that you check the sump drain line and ensure it is free of clogs and that water can exit freely.

At least once a year, disconnect and remove your sump pump from the pit. Using a hose, flush out the pump, removing any dirt and debris that may have built up. While the pump is removed, make sure to remove any debris or objects that are in the sump pit. Reinstall the pump and necessary power cables and perform a test by pouring water into the pump and ensuring everything is back in working order.

Sump pump cleaning is a critical part of your home cleaning that many people will overlook this year. If you aren’t sure where to get started or think there may be some work to be done, call us and schedule your sump cleaning today.


Just like your bathroom or kitchen sink, a sump pump has a trap that prevents water from backing up into the sump from your sewer. If it has been several weeks without rain or water, the sump water can evaporate and allow gases and smells from the drain to come back up. This can lead to nasty and uninviting smells in your basement.

It’s important to make sure there is enough water in the trap to keep the pipes and trap filled with water and prevent the smells from entering your house from the sump drain. If there is an odor coming from your sump you can dilute a few tablespoons of bleach into your sump to get rid of any lingering odors. Additionally, cleaning out the sump pump, sump pit, and drains is the best way to keep your sump free of bad odors.

American Sewer sump pump cleaning includes visual inspections, water jetting and cleaning, optical video inspections, and pump replacement. Our service technicians utilize high-pressure water jetting to flush out iron ocher and other mineral and soil deposits that can cause clogs. Our optical camera inspections allow us to visually inspect the interior of the drains and system. We can accurately ensure everything is clean and free from clogs and that the drains are not cracked or broken.

Are you thinking about getting sump pump cleaning? Contact American Sewer today for more information about our services. Our friendly and professional team is ready to serve you and all of your sewer and sump needs.