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Sump Pump Repairs and Replacement

Sump pumps are one of the best solutions to prevent flooding in your basement or low lying areas of your home. They are crucial to the home’s drainage system because they prevent water from collecting around your home’s foundation or worse, inside of your home. When the sump pit collects water, the pump is triggered and water is removed through a drain that is distanced from your home. Sumps that are not working or are clogged can cause water to build up around your foundation and over time cause major issues with your homes structural integrity and safety.

Most sump pumps have a 10-year life cycle. Like any home appliance, they will break or develop problems eventually and should be repaired or replaced. You will be able to notice very quickly if your pump is not working. When a pump stops, moisture starts to increase and if there is a high enough flow of water, you may experience flooding. Moisture in your home or basement can cause damage to the walls, floors, furniture and anything else located in the subfloor of your home. The increase in moisture can cause mold and mildew that is dangerous to you and your family and can lead to sickness and health problems.

Common Signs You Need a Sump Pump Replacement or Repairs

American Sewer Technicians are experts at sump pump repairs and maintenance, as well as sump pump installation. Here are some common signs your sump pump replacement or repair is necessary.

A moldy, mildew smell can be a clear sign that something is not right. Your sump pump and sump pit are highly susceptible to mold and mildew and should be cleaned regularly. If there is constant growth, your pump may not be removing water correctly. Cleaning will usually remove these unattractive odors. A new sump pump installation or repair may be necessary for some situations. A sump pump technician can evaluate the health of your system and advise you on if a sump replacement or repair is necessary.

Another possible sump repair is a stuck float switch. A sump pump’s float switch is triggered when the water levels in your pump rise, much like the way a toilet cuts off the water when the bowl is filled. If your sump pump float is stuck, it can cause it to run constantly or not at all. You can check your float is working by triggering the pump to turn on. Simply pour a gallon or two of water into the pit and see if the pump activates. If the pump is not triggered after adding water it is time to call and get a technician to evaluate the problem within your system.

If a pump is making loud noises there is a reason to be concerned something is not right.  Sump pumps are designed to be quiet while running. If you start hearing loud noises, grinding sounds, or other abnormal noises from your pump, it’s time to call your local American Sewer Technician for service. A mechanical problem can cause your sump pump to fail and leave your home at risk for flooding and water damage and mold as we shared.

The last sign of a defective system is if the pump has not turned on since the last rain. If your pump is not starting after rain, it could mean that it is not functioning at all and could lead to bigger problems when more rain and water comes.

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