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American Sewer provides the top drain cleaning service in Minneapolis and surrounding areas!

American Sewer is one of the best drain cleaning services in the Minneapolis area. Not sure how to clean a shower drain? No need to worry, we are the drain cleaning company you have been looking for! American Sewer has been one of the primary companies in solving drainage issues all over the Minneapolis area. Our plumbing specialists have received the best training in order to assist and take care of any issue you happen to have. Whether a client needs us to fix a stopped up toilet or a clogged drain in the kitchen sink, we have the skills and knowledge to solve any problem.

Our staff is ready, willing, and able to go through any magnitude of care to keep the client’s home clean. From shoe coverings, to using carpet runners, all of these precautionary steps are just a few of the many reasons American Sewer is considered the primary resource for drain repair.

Not having any luck with other companies unclogging your toilet? Unsure of the proper way on how to clean a shower drain? No need to worry! Our specialists will be there in no time, so we can get the plumbing system operative and back on track. Drain cleaning can sometimes can be a pit of a pain. The professionals at American Sewer are highly skilled and can assure that every job requested by a client will be taken care of.

One of the most common drain cleaning concerns are clogged shower drains.

Here is a small list of the number of things that can cause a clogged drain:

Hair and Dead Skin Cells

After taking a shower we naturally shed hundreds upon hundreds of hair follicles. In addition to the heavy amount of hair we shed in the shower, millions of dead skin cells fall off into the drain every time you bathe. Believe it or not, these same hairs and dead skin cells usually remain on the walls of the drain pipes. Over a period of time this will eventually lead to a great amount of water flow blockage. A hair catcher in your drain can buy some time, but at some point the proper drain cleaning service will be needed. Almost all shower drains will experience a clog because of hair and dead skin cells at one point or another in their life cycle.

Soap Scum

Soap scum is another well known cause of clogs in shower drains. Over time soap scum leaves plenty of residue on the walls of pipes. This usually leads to trapped hairs, skin cells, and other contaminants causing severe drain blockage. Several containers of hot water with some chlorine bleach poured down the drain every other week can serve as a solid remedy with this issue.

Hard Water

Hard water deposits are known for all sorts of minerals and micro particles on the walls of your shower drain pipe. If these small fragments are not removed, eventually it can lead to a clogged drain. A perfect way to avoid any harm from use of hard water, would be to use a water softening agent.


The most common form clogs usually comes from any small particles of waste that come from taking a shower. Be sure to keep these forms of trash from dropping down in the shower drain – toothpaste caps, razor coverings, shampoo caps, etc.

Drain Cleaning

And Here are 8 Ways to Unclog It!

We have conducted a list of 8 different ways to unclog a shower drain. No ways are better than the others, but these instructions are perfect for those who are experiencing a clogged drain and in need of a possible quick fix!

1. Grab a bucket of boiling water and pour it down the drain.
2. A plunger is a great go-to tool.
3. Baking soda and vinegar is the perfect all natural mix for those that prefer an alternative to chemicals!
4. Remove the drain top cover and extract the clog by hand.
5. Use a hook.
6. A Toilet Jack, otherwise known as an “electric eel” is also an excellent tool.
7. Use chemicals.
8. Our personal favorite – Call a plumber!

Each one of these remedies serves as a great way to become familiar with the maintenance process of shower drains, pipes, etc. Of course we always recommend that you use number 8!

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