If your tub, toilet, sink or floor drain is draining slow, or simply isn’t draining at all, your drain is either clogged or in need of repair. American Sewer drain and plumbing experts are happy to assist you with kitchen drain cleaning, bathroom drain cleaning, and basement drain cleaning. Our drain cleaning experts use cutting-edge technology that is specifically designed to effectively remove clogs and repair troublesome leaks. Our technology provides confidence that your plumbing and drains are back in working order. With American Sewer’s 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can have peace of mind that the job is done right.

If you need drain cleaning in Minneapolis, we provide a full suite of services, including:


Our high-pressure water jetting service uses high-velocity water to safely and effectively remove any accumulated iron ocher, silt, grease or other debris that may be trapped inside of your drains. This method is effective at covering every inch of the pipes, ensuring pipes that are clean and flowing freely.


Our video inspection equipment allows for our technicians to view the internal condition of your pipes and drain systems. We are able to identify and pinpoint specific issues with your drain and sewer clogs, ensuring that every problem is taken care of in an efficient manner.


Our cable and blade machine is like a long metal snake that has several blades attached to the end of it. We can feed the line through your pipes, and the blades scrape off any grease, soap, silt, or other particles that have built up inside. Looking for something other than a residence? We also offer commercial drain services.

Don’t let clogged drains slow you down anymore. American Sewer takes pride in being your number one hometown team. Our drain cleaning experts can be there quickly and make sure that the job is completed correctly the first time. We help you keep your drains and septic system working properly.

Not sure if you need an expert? That is why we provide you with some simple steps to help you find a solution before having to call us. Continue reading to learn more.


If your sink already has standing water, a plunger may be your best option. Start by placing the plunger cup over the drain and then plug the overflow hole with your finger or a small towel. Press down with four to five rapid thrusts or until the water starts to flow freely down the drain. You’ll know the clog is gone when the sink starts draining quickly.

If the plunger doesn’t solve your problem, trying seeing what cleaning solutions and solvents you have around the house. Vinegar and lemon juice are both great home remedies. You can mix Baking soda, salt, or Borax to add some extra strength to the cleaner. Once you have a cleaning solution, begin to pour it into the drain, starting with half a cup. The chemical reaction from the vinegar and dry ingredient will cause a foaming reaction to occur. You want to cover the drain with a cloth for 15-30 minutes, while the solution does it work to loosen and dissolve the clog. Repeat the process at least once more. Now try out your sink and see if your drain is clear!


If the solution has not removed the clog, try using the plunger again. You can fill your tub with hot water to increase the pressure when you plunge. If you think the clog could be in the sinks p-trap, you can remove it and clean it out by hand. Make sure to place a bucket underneath to catch any water. You can then clean the drain trap with a coat hanger or similar metal wire.

Another solution is to purchase or rent a plumber’s cable auger. This long, coil wire can be anywhere from 15 to 100ft long and is designed to reach deep into a drain or pipe and clear any clogs. You can safely operate a hand crank models but the electrically powered mechanical cable augers can be very dangerous without proper training.

Slowly feed the cable through the pipes until you come to the clog. At this point, you want to try and push the auger into the clog and twist repeatedly to break apart the clog. Try running water through the pipe to test if the clog has been cleared.

Once you think the clog is removed, pour hot water into the drain to make sure it is draining freely. If none of these home solutions work for you, remember that American Sewer can handle the toughest of situations. Give us a call today to get your drains cleaned.



We use a blade the same diameter of the pipe to first try to clean it out. If that size doesn’t work we’ll go down a size on the blade to get a hole started and then go back up to the original size afterward. Using a blade with the same diameter of the pipe is important because we strive to get back the original usability the pipe first had. Our goal is to get water fully flowing through the pipe, not just a small hole. If the blades don’t work we’ll use curved cables to try and get the clog out.


If the blades and cables don’t work then we’ll move on to water jetting.


If water jetting doesn’t work, then we move up to a camera inspection or line locate to specifically pinpoint the problem area. Based on what we discover we will recommend either a drain repair of the trouble area or a re-do of the entire line. Redoing the entire line is called pipe-lining.


We all naturally shed hundreds of hair follicles when taking a shower. And when it comes to clogged drains, Hair is perhaps the guiltiest party. Even grosser, we shed millions of dead skin cells into the drain, every time we shower.

While some will flow through the pipes, issues arise as increasing numbers of these same hairs and dead skin cells stick to the walls of the drain pipes. With enough build up, drains experience water flow blockage or even complete stoppage.

A hair catcher in your drain can buy some time as a temporary solution, but the only real fix is a drain cleaning service. Almost all shower drains will experience a clog because of hair and dead skin cells at one point or another in their life cycle.

Items such as toothpaste caps, razor coverings, shampoo caps, and other small items that may drop are another common culprit of a clogged drain. It is important not to let these items fall into the drain.

Hard water deposits leave all sorts of minerals and microparticles on the walls of your shower drain pipe. Your drain can clog eventually if these small fragments are not removed on a regular basis. A water softening agent can help to avoid and offset the harm caused by hard water.

Soap scum is another common cause of clogged shower drains. Soap scum leaves plenty of residue on the walls of pipes, furthering the likelihood of trapped hairs, skin cells, and other contaminants causing severe drain blockage.

This is an issue that you can take action on initially. Several containers of hot water with a few drops chlorine bleach poured down the drain every other week can serve as a solid remedy.